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February 2019 - Bethany Blackburn



How long have you been practicing (Bikram Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates) I've been practicing Bikram Yoga for many years, but only sporadically - up until recently. I signed up as a full time member in November 2018 and since then have attended 2-3 hot yoga classes and/or IHP classes every week.  

What first brought you through the front door? Why did you keep coming back? My friend Sue Macleod referred me and I came with her to my first class many years ago. I loved it, but for many years spent my free time mostly training for road races, cycling events, and/or triathlons. Sue again contacted me in November 2018 and said I had to try this new class...Inferno Hot Pilates. It was so hard, but wonderfully hard - I just knew that I wanted to incorporate this into my life, so I signed up as a full time member.  

Have you noticed any changes in your life as a result of your practice? How do you feel? I definitely have noticed changes as a result of coming in on a regular basis! My upper body strength has improved and all the core work in IHP is making a big difference. I am also getting much more flexible and have noticed improvements in some of the harder positions in Bikram Yoga like bending backwards.

What's your favorite posture or IHP move? Why? I have many favorites, but if I must choose...My favorite IHP move is the core work including the sets of hip lifts, situps, and v-ups. I like these ab moves because I can see results!  I have more than one favorite posture from the Bikram Yoga sequence, but I would say that Balancing Stick pose is good. I like working on my balance and stretching, and this pose seems to help with both. Triangle Pose is a good one too, always challenging.  

 Bikram Yoga/Inferno Hot Pilates has taught me...I'm focused on strength and agility now more than ever. I feel that as I age, I really need to make sure I keep my strength up and the yoga postures are great to keep me flexible, which I know will help prevent injuries.

Outside of the studio, you can find me...what are your hobbies? Interests? Outside of the studio I enjoy spending time practicing the drums, long distance cycling, gardening, and tending to my yard.

After class must have? Any tips for new students?  Brining a set of dry clothes for after class and a cold bottle of water are musts! :) New students.. keep coming to class! It's so worth your will see your strength improve steadily and feel amazing.






How long have you been practicing? I've been practicing regularly for 9 years. But I took my first class 18 years ago!

What brought you through the front door? Why did you keep coming back? A  friend invited me to a Bikram Yoga class when I was living in Portland,  Oregon in the early 2000s. I remember that I couldn’t stop laughing  during the first breathing exercise because all these people were  standing around in spandex making loud breath sounds and taking  themselves very seriously. Though I wasn’t quite ready to embark upon a  regular practice at that time, the focus of the instruction, the group  setting, and the challenge of the environment made a positive impression  on me, and I sought out Bikram Yoga classes many years later when I  moved back to Cape Cod and was looking for a complement to running. I  was ready to fully embrace being a spandex wearing loud breath sounds  person! I keep coming back for the opportunity to have fun, learn,  explore, fail, and try new things.

Have you noticed any changes in your life as a result of your practice? How do you feel? As  a long-time practitioner, feeling great is my new normal! I notice that  when I *don’t* get to practice for whatever reason (usually due to  travel), I have less energy, I don’t sleep as well, parts of my body may  get stiff or sore, and I am more anxious, irritable, and reactive.

What's your favorite posture? Why?Final  Savasana. It’s where it all comes together. I once heard someone  describe the posture in the following way: you wouldn’t find a cake  recipe and take all the time and care to get ingredients, prep them, mix  everything in the right proportions, and then be like “okay I’m done”  and not bake the cake. Final Savasana is like baking the cake. You’ve  done all this work for the better part of 90 minutes to breathe,  stretch, and cultivate a mind/body connection. Final Savasana is a time  to integrate everything that has just happened in your practice and let  the body soak it in. Don’t short change yourself by running out of the  room right away. Don’t be an unbaked cake!

Bikram Yoga has taught me...The  body is a source of wisdom and information. By learning to pay  attention to your thoughts and noticing what your body is doing, you can  get a lot of information. Maybe you start to learn something about  yourself and some new possibilities and choices open up in terms of how  you move and think.

Outside of the studio, you can find me...what are your hobbies? Interests?Outside  of the studio you can find me communing with nature, snugging my dog,  and laughing with my husband. And taking baths. Lots of baths. I’m an  expert at baths. Also, doing crosswords and bird watching. I’m pretty  exciting. 

After class must have? 
Um…a shower? 

Any tips for new students? Embrace the opportunity to be a student of yourself. 




How long have you been practicing? I’ve been practicing BIkram Yoga for three years.  

What brought you through the front door? A good friend of mine, Dennis McGillicuddy, practices at Bikram Yoga Falmouth and he was always telling me how great he felt since he started practicing. After hearing this a few times, I knew I had to try it for myself!   

Why did you keep coming back? I didn’t make it through my first class. The teacher at that time came out in the lobby to check on me, and suggested I come back in the hot room and just lay on my mat. Well I finished the class laying down and it was the beginning of a journey that has changed the way I feel. I've been very active my entire life, but I had never been so challenged, physically & mentally, than my first class. I also keep coming back because of the sense of community I get from the wonderful teachers and students.     

Have you noticed any changes in your life as a result of your practice? Yes, at the end of every class I have a sense of calmness I didn’t when I first walked into the studio. I try to bring that calmness into the rest of my busy day at work and at home.  How do you feel? Prior to coming into BYF, I had a couple of back surgeries and a few on my knees. Over the past three years I can’t tell you how much better my entire body feels. My first six months of yoga was primarily a very physical 90 minutes of exercise. As I’ve become more comfortable with the practice, I’ve now realized the tremendous spiritual feeling I get along with the physical workout and it’s a wonderful feeling.  

What's your favorite posture? Camel posture is my favorite. After having two back surgeries, I never thought in my lifetime I’d be able to get into this posture. It took me over year years of practicing weekly and it now feels great. I would encourage anyone coming into BYF to be patient with whatever physical issues you bring into the room. Time and patience can potentially change the way you feel.       

Bikram Yoga has taught me... I love the saying I hear from many of the teachers at BYF: “learn how to be comfortable while being uncomfortable”. For me, that’s not only an important lesson in my yoga practice, but more importantly outside of yoga in work and at home.

Outside of the studio, you can find me...what are your hobbies? Outside of the studio I have a wonderful family with three grown children and a wonderful wife, Kris. I love all the Cape has to offer and you can find me on the water fishing, shell fishing, and boating.   

After class must have? Filling up my large bottle of water and adding one grape Ultima! It brings me right back to life after class. 

Any tips for new students? Come to your first class and don’t have any expectations. Do what you can do and don’t be afraid to just lay on your mat if needed. Also, to get the true benefits of the practice, try and come back as much as you can and patiently practice according to how your body will let you.   





I have struggled with my weight since I was 16, and have tried every  diet known to man.  My weight has gone up and down my entire adult  life.  My son passed away 8 years ago, and I could no longer run due to a  torn meniscus, which was my usual outlet.  My weight escalated and I  found myself looking at a number on the scale that showed me 100 pounds  heavier than I should be.  As a cardiac nurse practitioner, I know the  ramifications of obesity.  In January 2016, I chose to have the gastric  sleeve done.  I knew that this was just a tool to help me take weight  off.  However, I also knew that exercise had to be part of the long term  solution.  My girlfriend practiced Bikram Yoga and had tried multiple  times to get me to participate.  I finally caved in May of 2016.  At  that time, just staying in the room was my goal. 


For  Fixed Firm pose, I couldn't sit on my heels...I had to put a yoga mat  between my calves and thighs.  Now, I can easily go all the way back  into this posture...and it has become my favorite pose.  

By  September of 2016, I had taken off 16 pounds.  At that time, I was only  doing Bikram Yoga once a week.  I then found Bikram Yoga Falmouth and  increased my practice to twice a week.  I have maintained my weight and  my flexibility, and balance has improved dramatically.  Everyone  comments on my skin, and I know it's from my increased water consumption  and how we flush toxins when sweating.  Although sometimes I have a  love-hate relationship with the heat, I always feel centered and  fabulous after class.  And the best part is how awesome that post yoga  shower feels!  Bikram Yoga is about focus, balance, healing and  stretching.  I now practice 3-4 times weekly.  

I'm  married, we have 3 dogs, and in addition to being a full-time nurse  practitioner, I am a clinical nurse educator and also have a cosmetics  practice.  I love to hike, go to the beach, make resin art and jewelry.   If you are new to this life-changing practice, start by simply staying  in the room for the whole class.  Be kind to yourself...after two and a  half years, I still have good days and bad and cannot do the practice  perfectly....I guess that is why it's called practice!

october 2018 Pedro


How long have you been practicing? I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for over 10 years, every year better but not easier than the last. 

What  brought you through the front door? Why did you keep coming back?  Originally, I was introduced to the practice by a friend, then I was  hooked... I kept trying to swim away, but I still hooked. When the  Falmouth studio opened, it brought a great sense of community into my  life, which keeps bringing me back. Every class is different, and every  yogi in class inspires me.

Have  you noticed any changes in your life as a result of your practice?  Bikram Yoga has helped me with many joint issues. Halfway through every  class, as I melt like the Wicked Witch of the East, I ask why I continue  to do this to myself. Every time I finish the class, at peace with my  own body, I remember. 

Bikram  Yoga has taught me to take care of my body and my mind, to eat better,  and to meditate and breath when I feel like I can't take another minute  of heat.   

Outside  of the studio, you can find me biking, or swimming, or kayaking in the  summer... or in the winter, hibernating away in my painting studio.

After  class must have? Any tips for new students? After class, I must have  water... tons and tons of water! My tip for new students is to not give  up after the first class. For me, it never really gets easier...


September 2018 - Holly carroll



How long have you been practicing? What brought you to the front door? I started practicing yoga in my 20s in hopes of finding a way to manage stress in my life. Eventually, Vinyasa flow lead me to hot power yoga where I became friends with the instructor who invited me to my first Bikram Yoga class. I was ignorant to what this practice was at the time I attending my first class, and what a class it was. I remember it like it was yesterday. Ignorance was bliss! Looking back, I’m sure this was a blessing because otherwise who knows if I would have made it to the front door. But, at this point in time there was no Bikram Yoga Falmouth and so my first class was my last class until 2012 when BYF opened its doors and I have been practicing consistently ever since.
Why did you keep coming back? What keeps me coming back to Bikram Yoga is the feeling I have post class. There is nothing like it. It is a complete body, mind, and spirit reset for me. Truly a workout from the inside out.
Have you noticed any changes in your life as a result of your practice? How do you feel? I had several physical challenges last year but with a consistent practice each of the injuries have healed and, I have literally never felt better in my life.
What's your favorite posture? Why? As I continue to grow in my practice, my favorite posture changes. When I first started, there were postures I would dread.  This isn’t how I feel now because I know the postures that challenge me the most are the postures that I need to be doing the most and with time and practice I will get stronger and feel better.
Bikram Yoga has taught me... Bikram Yoga has taught me so much, but at the top of my list is strength. I have increased mental discipline to practice mindfulness, and carefully pay attention to my thoughts and my body. I am more comfortable releasing the mental chatter and allowing for the lessons and messages to be heard. I cannot count how many times I have walked in to class with a problem on my mind and walked out with the solution. I believe in this 90 minutes open-eyed moving meditation. Bikram Yoga is a gift to myself mentally and physically.
Outside of the studio, you can find me...what are your hobbies? Interests? Outside of yoga you can find me walking my dogs in the woods, sharing time with the special people in my life, and enjoying our beautiful surroundings here on the Cape. I love kayaking, stand up paddling/yoga, being at the beach, or on the water boating.
After class must have? Any tips for new students? Hydration, water, electrolytes, fresh fruit or vegetables are my go-tos after class. My tip to new students would be keep coming!! Don't compare. The only person you are competing with is a better version of yourself which happens organically as you continue your practice.

August 2018 - Randy hensely


How long have you been practicing? I’ve been practicing for twelve years.  

How often do you practice? Mostly twice a week.  

What brought you through the front door? Why did you keep coming back? For my very first Bikram Yoga experience, I didn’t know any better. I just walked into the first yoga studio in my small Hawaiian town and stayed. About year seven of my practice, I did some experimenting with other styles of yoga but I came back to Bikram because of the rigor of the positions, the pace of the practice, and the energizing nature of the hot room.

What's your favorite posture? Why? Fixed Firm Pose is my favorite because I can feel the most stretching of all the poses (well, except Triangle.) Once my folded arms are over my head, it is exquisite!  

Bikram Yoga has taught me…Focus, and how to journey inward into what my body is actually doing.

What improvements in your life have you noticed as a result of your practice? I have less muscle tightness, no neck and lower back pain, and I am able to breathe deeper.

Outside of the studio, you can find me...what are your hobbies? Interests? I get a monthly massage which is something I have done and enjoyed for longer than my yoga practice: 33 years. I also take strength and stamina building classes weekly at Anytime Fitness, I take piano lessons, I sing in a church choir, and I am the proud caretaker of two dachshunds, Bruno and Greta.  

After class must have? Any tips for new students? I like to have an electrolyte infused cool drink and two additional glasses of water after class. Eventually I have something to eat, but not right away. And never before class! I have a few tips for new students. First, fall in love with the positions. Try to focus less on the heat because it is a transitory challenge and over time simply becomes a facilitator of focus with added benefits of toxin dumping. Take the longview, because this is a lifelong practice. Be with your body on that day only, not the previous or future day. For the benefit of you fellow yogis, take a shower before class. And have fun!


JULY 2018 - NINA



How long have you been practicing? I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for 8 years. I’ve practiced various types of yoga on and off since I was a teenager. A couple of years ago, I even earned a 200 hour teacher certification.

How often do you practice? As often as possible! Usually about 4 days a week, on average.

What brought you through the front door? This particular yoga practice was recommended to me by a friend at a time when I was struggling with a painful, energy depleting muscle illness. I was hooked from day one.

Why did you keep coming back? Overall, I keep coming back because it just makes me feel so good mentally and physically. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 2 ½ years ago and have had to modify how I do things. The combination of heat, gentle stretching, and strengthening help me keep moving. My pain level is typically cut in half by the time I leave a class. It’s hard to imagine my life without this yoga. Even taking a couple of days off in a row results in increased stiffness and pain.

What's your favorite posture? Why? I don’t really have a favorite posture, but if I had to choose one I’d say it’s Standing Bow Pulling Pose. It’s a challenging posture because there is a lot going on at once: balance, alignment, flexibility, strength, and stillness.

Bikram Yoga has taught me…That I am very much in charge of how I feel day to day. It has also taught me to focus and not get stuck on the little things.

Outside of the studio, you can find me...what are your hobbies? Interests? Mostly you can find me doing boat projects! My interests include music, art, hanging in the cockpit, and spending time with my partner and our dog.

After class must have? I’m usually pretty hungry after class, so something good to eat is always on the agenda.

Any tips for new students? Stay focused on the work you’re doing in class, because it’s for you and no one else. Don’t get frustrated. Be kind and compassionate with yourself. Take things a little at a time and don’t push beyond where your body can safely go on any particular day. Over time, you will definitely see progress in key areas of flexibility, strength, balance, and depth of breath. Leave your ego at the door, because it will only get in the way. Also, enjoy the class, because you’re hanging with a pretty cool group of people!



How long have you been practicing? I took my first class on August 24th, 2015.

What brought you through the front door?  I was looking to increase my fitness level and asked a coworker who was into CrossFit, Spartan Races, and just so happens to be the fittest person I know.  He suggested Bikram Yoga, saying it was the best all-around workout.  I took his advice!

Why did you keep coming back?

I haven’t felt this good since my twenties.  I had neck pain and back pain from a lifetime of physical labor that I thought was never going away.  Now if I feel any aches and pains, I take a class and I’m good to go. This practice has been a game changer for me.

What's your favorite posture? Why? Camel Pose is my favorite.  It was during this posture that I first learned how to really control my breathing.

Bikram Yoga has taught me... How to manage stress through mindfulness and deep breathing.

Outside of the studio, you can find me...what are your hobbies? Interests? You can find me bikin’ or enjoying the Heights Beach or Trunk River- I swim year round.

After class must have? Any tips for new students? Water is the number one thing.  When you feel too tired or achy to go to class, that’s the best time to go because you will always better afterwards.





How long have you been practicing? I have been practicing for eight years. I started at a different studio, but now I have maintained my consistent practice at BYF since it opened. I live only five minutes away from the studio, which I'm grateful for.

What brought you through the front door? Why did you keep coming back? At first I was curious just to try it out. I am an active person and like to stay that way. The way I felt after class is what hooked me. I always feel amazing when I leave the studio after ninety minutes of sweat. My energy level has increased with my practice and I have noticed significant improvements in my balance, flexibility, and strength.

What's your favorite posture? Why? I'm going to pick Triangle as my favorite posture because it never ceases to challenge me! This posture continues to teach me something about my body and my mental strength to this day. It's true, you never know what you're going to get each time you walk into the hot room.

Bikram Yoga has taught to really breathe. Deeply and fully. Bikram Yoga has also taught me how to stay calm in stressful situations. I feel I am better equipped to handle whatever life throws at me off the mat.

Outside of the studio, you can find me...what are your hobbies? Interests? On my paddle-board! I also like to ski, hike, and work outside in my garden.

After class must have? Any tips for new students? I always reach for another round of water right after class. Hydration is so important to how you feel while practicing. The best tip I would give to new students is to keep returning! There's no way to judge the practice unless you give it a full try. Coming once isn't sufficient- the more you come to class, the better you will feel overall.



How long have you been practicing? I started in January of 2016.

What brought you through the front door? I was feeling stiff from running, feeling achy and was feeling my age. I thought some "stretching" might help. I discussed with my wife and she recommended Bikram Yoga. Truthfully the heat aspect of the practice intimidated me, but my wife and the Bikram notion of "doing the best that you can with the body you have today" encouraged me through my fear.

What is your favorite posture? Why? Funny, the posture I once dreaded the most is now my favorite: Locust. This pose has done wonders for my elbows and wrists. Looking back, I think I had tendinitis or tennis elbow. Probably from working on computers all day. Now? These joints are flexible and ache free. Locust pose is the perfect antidote to computer work! 

Bikram Yoga has taught me.....To accept what the day brings. It is a truism of Bikram that "the hardest part of the practice is getting there."  I think there's wonderful learning in that. 

Outside of the studio you can find me...Working a lot on learning, reading and practicing German. Playing guitar - I went to Berklee College of Music. Drinking wine. Cooking. Enjoying home, my wife, friends, our two dogs, children and grandchildren. When nice weather hits I'll start training for the Falmouth Road Race.

After class must haves? Coconut water!  Chilled.

Any tips for new students? Stay in the room. Accept what you can vs. what you cannot do. It will only get better.





How long have you been practicing? I have been an active member of BYF since September 2012.

What brought you through the front door?  I wanted a form of exercise that would complement running.  I always wanted to try yoga and after Googling "running and yoga" and speaking to an acquaintance who was familiar with Bikram Yoga, I decided to give it a try.   

Why did you keep coming back?  Walking through the door for that first class was hard because I did not know what to expect.  Walking through the door for the second class was even harder since I knew what to expect.  I continued that first week simply because I had purchased an introductory package and being frugal, wanted to get my money’s worth.  After the first week, I found that I liked the mental and physical challenge. 

What's your favorite posture? Why? I do not have a favorite pose but my least favorite pose is standing separate leg head to knee pose.  I don’t know why but neither my mind nor body can connect with this pose. Guess I'll have to give it more time! 

Bikram Yoga has taught me...  Bikram Yoga has taught me that I am stronger than I originally thought, both mentally and physically and it really does takes time, patience and practice to accomplish anything worthwhile. 

Outside of the studio, you can find me...what are your hobbies? Interests? Outside the studio, when I am not working, you can find me still running and walking through the woods and trails in Falmouth with my boss's dogs (which makes me think about how it all started me on the path of this running/yoga thing- full circle!). 

After class must have?  After class the first thing I have when I get home is a Kind bar and a hot shower. 

Any tips for new students?  First time students should know that very few people are prepared for that first class.  So be prepared to be overwhelmed and give your mind/body time to acclimate before making a decision of whether Bikram Yoga is right for you.  Listen to the teachers, let them guide you, and accept that it really does take time, patience and practice.



How long have you been practicing?

I started Bikram Yoga approximately 3 years ago in 2015. I take the summers off to enjoy my warm-weather outdoor activities, but I’m always eager to return to Bikram Yoga Falmouth in the fall.

What brought you in the front door? My friend Sean and I were talking about all our aches and pains and debating who had the most. He came to me and said, “BOB YOU NEED TO GIVE Bikram Yoga A TRY!”. Being in the construction business for over 37 years, I’d been living with a lot of pain & monthly visits to the chiropractor for a tune up. So I decided I would take the next step to improve my well being & join BYF. I remember the first class well. I was a little intimidated, due to the nature of the yoga and that I never practiced yoga of any type- NO WORRIES.  All the teachers are encouraging without any pressure & give practical advice to improve my practice to the best of my ability.Since I have been practicing, my aches & pains have disappeared to my disbelief. Bikram Yoga will always be a part of my life along with my enjoyment. (By the way - I haven’t had to visit my chiropractor since I started.)

Why do you keep coming back? Over the years of my career, I always enjoyed listening to how my clients manage their health for the golden years (so they say) and this yoga practice has been an ideal avenue for me to learn. Let's face it, we all have a hectic schedule with some grueling hours, yet I still look forward to attending class at the end of the day for fulfillment and relief. Some days if we are lucky we’ll get a joke or a story from the instructors that makes us laugh. It’s really addicting once you start.

What’s your favorite posture? I have to say I don’t dislike one posture from the other, but there are some that are much more challenging for me than others. These tough ones give me inspiration that someday I hope to improve upon them as best as I can.

Bikram Yoga has taught me... Bikram Yoga has given me more energy, calmness, and discipline to maintain a healthier life. All my life I always had time to work, but no time to keep my body in shape. I finally have control & balance thanks to this life changing practice.

Outside the studio, you can find me... Bike riding, playing tennis, golfing, attending a car show with my classics, hanging out with friends & family, traveling, and of course, working.

After class must have? Taking my time to cool down, then more hydration and a shower.

Any tips for new students? I encourage anyone that is looking for a path for a healthier lifestyle to come on in and give Bikram Yoga a shot. It’s the best thing that I’ve done for myself. Thank you to the team at BYF.





How long have you been practicing?  I took my first Bikram Yoga class on November 24, 2014.

What brought you through the front door and why did you keep coming back? I'm always looking for ways to improve my overall health and wanted to try a new discipline on my path of self-improvement. I had taken other yoga classes in various styles, and decided to give Bikram Yoga a shot since I live close by and drove by the studio frequently.  After taking class, the noticeable differences in how I felt kept me coming back- both immediately after class and in general how my body felt. I experience a surge of energy, my mood is lighter, and I walk taller.   

What's your favorite posture? Why? I love the simple yet mentally challenging aspect of Savasana. This posture taught me how to quiet my mind, remain in control of my breath and also of my thoughts. Perhaps most importantly, my focus in Savasana has enabled me to access these tools when I'm outside of the studio.

Bikram Yoga has taught me...that it's never too late to make a change, both mentally and physically. Before committing to practicing Bikram Yoga, I couldn't touch my toes, and I thought that's just how it was for me. I've learned it's possible to change how my body functions, correct muscular imbalances, loosen up my hamstrings, and work towards healing back ailments that I  thought to be the norm. Age is irrelevant if you want to make changes in how you feel!

Outside of the studio, you can find me...Being a Dad, fixing cars, driving fast, enjoying nature, and reading.

After class must have? Any tips for new students? After class I reach for my go-to snack, avocado with salt. My advice to new students is not to fear the heat, and don't get discouraged by how you feel in the beginning of your yoga journey. Let the effects of this powerful practice sink in over time because then there's no going back. This practice isn't a "want" for me, it's a must have. Shout out to this inviting community at BYF, both the teachers and the students- everyone here is warm and supportive and keeps me coming back for more.



How long have you been practicing? I started practicing Bikram Yoga in March of 2017.

What brought you through the front door and why did you keep coming back? In June of 2016, I decided to get healthy. Since then I have lost over 70lbs through a combination of diet and exercise. I started walking 4 miles a day, but when winter came I needed to find something to do inside. I am not a fan of going to the gym and watching TV while on a stair master or other machine, so I started taking a yoga class. My instructor at the time kept talking about Bikram Yoga and started weaving some of the postures into her class. At the same time, my sisters were also talking about Bikram Yoga and what an amazing workout it was. I kept looking at the BYF website and trying to psych myself up. I honestly didn't believe I could actually do Bikram Yoga. Finally one Sunday I just said, “I am going to do it!”. I survived my first class and felt such a sense of accomplishment that I wanted to come back immediately and do it all over again. I have been consistently practicing ever since, aiming to take five classes per week.

What's your favorite posture and why? I’ll choose Rabbit Pose because it stretches parts of my shoulders and my back which have been so problematic to me over the years (and when I get to Rabbit, I think the hard part of the class is over!). When I had my annual physical exam this past October, I grew ½ an inch, so I’d like to give the spine strengthening series some credit too.

Bikram Yoga has taught me... To truly be comfortable being uncomfortable! I enjoy the challenge of going outside of my comfort zone and making the time to try and clear my mind of all of the chatter that comes from day to day life. Focusing purely on myself for 90 minutes is a gift. I love that I can find a studio wherever I travel and you always know what to expect when you take a Bikram Yoga class.

Outside of the studio, you can find me...Having coffee with friends, needlepointing, cooking, hanging with my family and my dog Kona who is sometimes waiting for me in the car while I am practicing.

After class must have?  I drink a lot of water before and during class. After class I can't wait to get my sweaty clothes off and take a nice cool shower





How long have you been practicing? I flirted briefly with Bikram Yoga about 10 years ago and thought “I’ll never do this again.” Then I surprised myself by starting a steady practice several years ago (usually two classes a week) at Bikram Yoga Falmouth.

What brought you through the front door? Why did you keep coming back? Good questions! I walked through the front door on what I thought was a whim, thinking “I’ll give it one more chance.” I tend to be a creature of habit, and fell into a routine fairly quickly, though not always with a lot of enthusiasm for the postures. I was, however, drawn to the experience of stillness, and also the staff. The Bikram teachers are a big part of my consistency. The studio feels like a friendly, healthy, supportive community for me – that is big! The opportunity for reflection, focus, and calming is a big draw.

What's your favorite posture?  My favorite is one some people seem to hate: Triangle. The effect it has on my back is astonishing, including a disc injury that I got in 1999, when I did a memorial backpack climb across the Pyrenees, to honor my father and other World War II forces who worked with the French Resistance to fight the Nazis. I told myself I would finish the hike if I had to crawl the final few feet, and I almost did have to crawl. But I walked to the end, a village in Spain, and the evidence is two destroyed discs in my lower back. During Triangle, in every single class, my spine pops so loudly I’m amazed I don’t draw stares! While the posture continues to be challenging, I love the feeling of suppleness afterwards. (The endorphin flood helps too.)

Bikram Yoga has taught me... How to be a better, more transparent version of myself, not always so easy. It puts me in touch with a deep part of myself that I could easily ignore. Bikram Yoga (and Pilates) have been a big part of my lifelong journey to heal my spine and also to handle and heal a depression/anxiety syndrome that started in childhood. I am 67, and Bikram helps me feel more fluid and graceful in the aging process, both physically and mentally.

Outside of the studio, you can find me... You can find me teaching Pilates or at my main work: writing feature stories for home, architecture, and lifestyle magazines.  (check out her amazing work at I love music, food, humor, and language, and read a lot. I will always make time to sit around a table of good food, friends, and family to discuss whatever is on our minds: social issues, books, life, you name it. My husband and I have five grandkids, an incredibly happy event for us.

After class must have? Any tips for new students?  The first thing I reach for post-class is (more) coconut water and very often, a slice or two of cheese pizza from Steve’s. For new students, I would say drinks lots of water before and after class, and don’t worry too much. Life has a way of shaping the person we want to be.



How long have you been practicing?
 I've been practicing Bikram Yoga for about six years now. If I've counted correctly it's around 975 classes and not one of those classes has ever been the same for me. In retrospect, it seems like a lot but in looking forward, I'm hoping to practice for another forty years or so.

What brought you through the front door? Why did you keep coming back? I initially went to my first Bikram class to help with recovery from back injuries sustained in a car crash. A friend made the recommendation after everything else I tried didn't work. I quickly gravitated towards Bikram Yoga. I loved the energy and flexibility I've gained from my classes but more importantly I was surprised at how class helped me de-stress. I really enjoy the Bikram community  - the teachers and fellow yogis are amazing. I like that everyone I've met is there for the same reason: to heal, improve, and strengthen themselves both physically and mentally.  

What’s your favorite posture? It changes every month. I think about the posture that I need to improve the most and I try to figure out a way to make it my favorite.  (Ask me about Triangle  sometime and I promise to tell you a funny story about how it became my favorite...) This month's favorite posture however is Half Moon. I find it very helpful in creating much needed space in my spine.   

Bikram Yoga has taught me… So many to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, how to hold still when I really don't want to, how to be patient with myself, how to listen, how to focus (ask anyone what happens when you lose focus in Standing Bow), but I think most importantly how to breathe and stay calm in just about any situation.

Outside of the studio, you can find me… When not practicing yoga I can be found spending just about every free minute with my family. We have a four year-old so there's lots of time spent with stuffed animal parades, nature walks, books, building forts from couch cushions and blankets. Thankfully my Bikram Yoga practice has given me the flexibility and health to be able to keep up with her. Other than that, I have a great job that I'm pretty passionate about. If there's any time left after that, there is always my guitar hanging on the wall and the crazy idea of playing open-mic night at Club Passim.

After class must have? Water!  (In various forms.) Salt seems like a close second





How long have you been practicing?

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga consistently for about 6 months.  However "hot yoga" is something I have done inconsistently over the years.

What brought you through the front door? My good friend and fellow Falmouth Bikram yogi, Suzanne Hickey, brought me through the front door after we had a conversation about working out. I explained to her how I felt that I had hit a plateau in my efforts to get in shape both physically and mentally. She suggested I give Bikram Yoga a try given her positive experience with the practice. I went to the studio, gave it a shot, and I became hooked! Now I try to get to class as often as I can, usually 5 times a week. 

What's your favorite posture? My favorite posture is Bow Pose because I feel I have mastered it pretty well after working on my alignment and paying close attention to my form. Patience and practice add up nicely.

Bikram Yoga has taught me... Bikram Yoga has taught me how to become in tune with my body by slowing down, listening, and enabling me to make a total body, mind and spirit connection.  Most importantly, my dedicated Bikram Yoga practice has taught me how to breathe!! I feel I'm better equipped to remain calm in stressful situations. 

Outside of the studio, you can find me... Outside of the studio you can find me at my spa...Rosemary Skin Spa, a business which I recently opened in downtown Falmouth. I love working with my clients to offer them advanced skin facials and hair removal at a reasonable cost.  Besides Bikram Yoga, my hobbies are the simple things in life: spending quality time with family and friends, particularly my three adult children, my boyfriend, my mom, siblings, and my dog Gigi. 

After class must have? My after class must have is a shower first and then my favorite smoothie made with fresh fruit and Nerium Youth Factor which is a superfood and antioxidant boost powder that gives me so much energy and makes me feel great all day long!