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We encourage you to be your best and support you on the road to finding success.

Thank you for your interest in Bikram Yoga Falmouth. We welcome all ages, experience and abilities!  If you are interested in Bikram Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates or Yin Yoga you can read all about it on our website but your best option, the number 1 action you should take, is to  purchase the Intro Month Special; 30 days for $39.  You will see for yourself what this studio can do for your body, mind and spirit.  Whether you are stressed, sore, tired, stagnant - This Yoga Will Help You Revitalize Your Life! 

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  • Bikram Yoga Falmouth is open 30 minutes before and after each class.
  • Please check social media or website for POP UP classes, holiday schedules, or weather cancelations.

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perfect for the new student


Bikram Yoga - 90 & 60 Minute Classes

Bikram Yoga is a Therapeutic, Hot Yoga practice that will Change Your Life!  This is a beginner's class, simple postures, but not easy.  Transformation requires hard work and determination.   You will be guided through this meditative experience at your own pace.  You will be welcomed into this  community that comes together to build strong, healthy bodies and minds.


Inferno Hot Pilates (HIIT) 60 Minute Class

This is a 60 minute low impact, fun class! We use Pilates Principles along with (HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training) to sculpt your body, create long lean muscle mass and  build stronger core strength.  YES, it is a perfect compliment to your Bikram Yoga! Beginner's Welcome.


Yin Yoga - 60 Minute Class

Yin yoga is a quiet and simple practice, but not necessarily an easy  practice.  You hold gentle postures for longer periods of time targeting  the deeper tissues of the body, our connective tissues — ligaments,  joints, bones and deep fascia rather than the muscles. This class is practiced in a warm room (not hot) with low lighting and it is totally chill!  Everyone welcome.

New Students

Tips For New Students

If  you have a yoga mat, bring it, along with a large bath towel and  drinking water. We also have these items available for you to rent, and  water to purchase at the studio.

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Arrive 15 — 20 minutes early for your first class.  
  • Don't think you have to get in shape before coming to class. 
  • Do the best you can with the body you have TODAY
  • Take your second class within 24 hours.
  • Make up your mind to take 10 classes as quickly as possible.

Remember,  everyone had their very first Bikram Yoga class, even the people on the  front row who have been coming for years. They make it look easy  because they persevered, and you can too. What you may not realize yet, EVERYONE here is rooting for you! Seriously!

To get somewhere you've never been before you have to do something you've never done before. Take the first step!





How long have you been practicing? I've been practicing regularly for 9 years. But I took my first class 18 years ago!

What brought you through the front door? Why did you keep coming back? A  friend invited me to a Bikram Yoga class when I was living in Portland,  Oregon in the early 2000s. I remember that I couldn’t stop laughing  during the first breathing exercise because all these people were  standing around in spandex making loud breath sounds and taking  themselves very seriously. Though I wasn’t quite ready to embark upon a  regular practice at that time, the focus of the instruction, the group  setting, and the challenge of the environment made a positive impression  on me, and I sought out Bikram Yoga classes many years later when I  moved back to Cape Cod and was looking for a complement to running. I  was ready to fully embrace being a spandex wearing loud breath sounds  person! I keep coming back for the opportunity to have fun, learn,  explore, fail, and try new things.

Have you noticed any changes in your life as a result of your practice? How do you feel? As  a long-time practitioner, feeling great is my new normal! I notice that  when I *don’t* get to practice for whatever reason (usually due to  travel), I have less energy, I don’t sleep as well, parts of my body may  get stiff or sore, and I am more anxious, irritable, and reactive.

What's your favorite posture? Why?Final  Savasana. It’s where it all comes together. I once heard someone  describe the posture in the following way: you wouldn’t find a cake  recipe and take all the time and care to get ingredients, prep them, mix  everything in the right proportions, and then be like “okay I’m done”  and not bake the cake. Final Savasana is like baking the cake. You’ve  done all this work for the better part of 90 minutes to breathe,  stretch, and cultivate a mind/body connection. Final Savasana is a time  to integrate everything that has just happened in your practice and let  the body soak it in. Don’t short change yourself by running out of the  room right away. Don’t be an unbaked cake!

Bikram Yoga has taught me...The  body is a source of wisdom and information. By learning to pay  attention to your thoughts and noticing what your body is doing, you can  get a lot of information. Maybe you start to learn something about  yourself and some new possibilities and choices open up in terms of how  you move and think.

Outside of the studio, you can find me...what are your hobbies? Interests?Outside  of the studio you can find me communing with nature, snugging my dog,  and laughing with my husband. And taking baths. Lots of baths. I’m an  expert at baths. Also, doing crosswords and bird watching. I’m pretty  exciting. 

After class must have? 
Um…a shower? 

Any tips for new students? Embrace the opportunity to be a student of yourself. 


I encourage you to take a look at our amazing community.  If you are new to our practice or have any questions, please take a few minutes to read what our real life yogis have to say about our amazing studio.  


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If you have any questions, concerns or would like to contact me please email here!

180 Teaticket Highway, East Falmouth, Massachusetts 02536, United States